Having briefly covered stair construction as part of our Interior Construction 2 course. Who knew there was so much to constructing stairs? Calculating number of risers and goings to fall withing the Australian standards, achieving the right footprint for the space and height between destinations.

Once calculated a designer can achieve some aesthetically cool solutions for people to get from one level to the next. A staircase can be minimal and unassuming or bold and clever. Below are some designs to take inspiration from as we have to incorporate a flight of stairs into our final design.

Stairs in an apartment renovated by architect Rytis Mikulionis. Shows modern movement and minimal design. Having no balustrade it wouldn't fit the Australian standards if travelling above 1 meter from the ground.

A solid design where the riser and goings are are set into pre cast concrete design. The Hilton Adelaide foyer.

The staircase which has open risers; gives the illusion of floating between the wall and edges of balustrade without using an obvious stringer.

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